Toothed Brake Fern (Pteris Dentata)


Beautiful and delicate fronds, that spreads like a fan. The fine, toothed edges of this mid green foliage make this fern unique. This fern prefers a shade position and protection from hot, drying wind. Consistently moist and well-draining soil optimizes growth. Soil without good drainage can cause roots to rot or cause disease.


Growing Conditions

Light:                          Fully Shade. Avoid exposure to the hot / direct sunlight.

Water:                       Keep soil evenly moist all the time

Humidity:                 Moderate to high

Soil:                            A very well-drained potting mix with rich, composted soil

Level of Care:          Easy

Toxic to pets:           No


Plant is in 220 mm  pot. 

Toothed Brake Fern (Pteris Dentata)

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