Hoya Carnosa Compacta “Hindu Rope”


These fleshy, curled leaves have an attractive glossy or waxy appearance. The curled leaves are tightly packed and resemble rope. The unique look gives this plant its common name of the “Hindu Indian Rope Plant.” The clusters of small star-shaped flowers are also often waxy.


For optimal growth, your Hindu Rope Plant should get at least three to four hours of bright light near a window. Near a bright east or south facing window is good. If growing outdoors, it still requires plenty of bright light but should be placed in an area with indirect lighting.


Growing Conditions

Light:  Bright, Filtered, Medium light, Indirect sunlight

Water: Allow soil to dry out between watering.  Do not allow “rope curls” to sit in water.

Humidity:     High

Soil:    A very well-drained potting mix or cacti mix

Level of Care:  Medium

Toxic to pets:  No


$25 in 100 mm pot. Pot will not be posted.

Hoya Carnosa Compacta “Hindu Rope”

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