Disocactus is a epiphytic cactus, originally from Mexico to South America. It needs warm temperatures and bright light, but not direct sunlight. Water regularly from mid-spring to autumn and it should be fertilized on a monthly basis during this time.


In winter, move the plant to a warmer environment, especially when the plant has flower buds. Water and fertilizer should be resumed at this time. Re-pot into a slightly larger pot after flowering.


Disocactus should be grown in a rich but still well-draind soil. They should be watered regularly and fertilized as well. This is essential for good growth and flowering, yielding beautiful pink flowers.


Disocactus dislike extreme heat and cold, so they are best kept protected during the depth of winter and heat of summer in hot dry climates. They also prefer shade to sun, and like a little extra humidity in the air. Flowering in spring and summer.


Growing Conditions

Light:             Bright, Filtered, Medium light, Indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold.

Water:           Maintain evenly moist but not soggy soil. Well-drained soil.

Humidity requirement:  High humidity level

Level of Care: Medium

Toxic to pets:  No


$20. Plant is in 100 mm pot. Pot will not be posted.

Disocactus Nelsonii (Orchid cactus)

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