Dischidia Ruscifolia (Million Hearts Plant)


Dischidia ruscifolia or Million Hearts Plant is gaining in popularity, and for good reason! It is very easy to grow, grows quickly. It produces long strands of dainty, heart-shaped foliage. Tiny white flowers appear close to the base of the leaves throughout the year. An exceptionally easy-care, no fuss houseplant. Suitable for beginner.


Million Hearts Plant is actually an epiphyte, which means it grows on other plants such as on trees or tree branches. Hence, these plants should not be grown in normal potting soil. Dischidia, and other epiphytes, grow attached to trees. They use their roots to attach onto their host trees. Similar to orchids.


Because they grow naturally with a lot of air circulation all around them, they are best grown in a very loose potting mix. You can use either an orchid bark mix or something like coco husk chips. Also, a pot with drainage hole is a must!


Growing Conditions

Light:             Bright, Filtered, Indirect sunlight

Water:           Allow to dry out between watering

Humidity requirement:    None

Level of Care:  Easy, Low maintenance, Suitable for beginner

Toxic to pets: No   


$15 in 100 mm pot

Dischidia Ruscifolia (Million Hearts Plant)

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