Dieffenbachia Seguine Milky Way


Dieffenbachia Seguine Milky Way is a new variety of Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) that is rare and hard to find in Australia, yet easy to grow. It has light green, almost white foliage highlighted with dark green veins.


Avoid direct harsh sunlight, especially when there is a new growth or during a summer time. The Milky Way has beautiful, light green foliage which can easily burn in direct sunlight so make sure it is receiving nice filtered light.


Note: Be very careful of its sap when you handle this plant as it is toxic and can cause skin irritation and swelling of the throat and tongue.


Growing Conditions

Light:  Prefer bright, indirect sunlight but can survive in lower light condition

Water:  Allow top soil to dry out between watering

Humidity requirement:    None

Level of Care:  Easy, Low maintenance

Toxic to pets: Yes


$15 in 95 mm pot

Dieffenbachia Seguine Milky Way

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