Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant / Prayer Plant)


The Peacock plant has all the elegance and beauty of a Peacock’s tail, which is why it has been given its rather glorious name. The leaves are pale green with a dark green feathered effect from the middle of the leaf to the outer edges. When new leaves grow they are rolled up and show off their pinkish-red undersides; giving it another splash of color.


Originally from Brazil, this plant is a popular choice around the world for a house plant mainly because it makes a lovely tropical vibe to your home due to its beautiful foliage and outstanding markings.


Humidity is best for this plant. Misting regularly or having a pebbles tray helps.  It is recommended to use distilled or rain water as the fluoride can cause damage to the delicate leaves (brown and crispy edges).


Growing Conditions

Light:             Bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sun will damage the leaves  

Water:           Keep soil moist all the time but not soggy

Humidity requirement:    High (>60%). Mist regularly or put it on pebbles tray

Level of Care: Medium

Toxic to pets: No


$20 in 120 mm pot

Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant / Prayer Plant)

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