Alocasia Wentii 




An exotic plant with dark shade to black arrowhead-shaped leaves. The leaves are fairly large when matured, about 30-40 centimeter. Alocasia is also known as 'Elephant's ear'.


Growing Conditions


Light:    Prefers bright indirect light and will tolerate partial direct sunlight in winter. Avoid direct sunlight.

Water:  Kept moist between watering. Reduce watering in winter to moderate and mist the plant regularly to maintain humidity level as dry air attracts insects such as spider mites.

Humidity: High

Growing medium:  A very well-drained, loose potting mix, including plenty of perlite, peat, orchid bark and organic matter. 100% treated coco coir is preferred.

Level of Care:   Medium

Toxic to pets:   Yes

Alocasia Wentii

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