"Oxalis Triangularis" (Purple Shamrock) Growing Tips

If you don’t possess the greenest of thumbs, or you are so new to indoor plants, don’t worry! Oxalis Triangularis is among one of the low-maintenance houseplants that thrive with just minimal care.

Oxalis Triangularis grows from bulbs that look like a small pinecone. When planting, it does not matter which way the cone is up. Leave space only an inch between cones for a full lush look when leaves come up. Keep your Oxalis triangularis in a sunny spot but not direct sunlight. Its vivid purple, clover shaped leaves folds up at night and open when light returns. This make it looks like a cluster of little purple butterflies that then open wide to the morning light.


Oxalis triangularis occasionally go dormant, looking like the entire plant has died, all stalks seem weak and flop. If this happens, there is no need to throw your beloved Oxalis Triangularis away. Simply stop watering, cut all of the stalks and let the soil thoroughly dry. Wail until new growth emerges in a few weeks. When new growth comes that is the time to resume watering. Soon, your purple shamrocks will be lush and full again.

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