Care tips for "Marble Queen Pothos" (Epiprenum Aureum)

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Marble Queen Pothos is a climbing, vining shrub. Its long cascading vines and variegated green and white-marbling leaves make a beautiful hanging plant or a statement on a table. This plant can also be trained to grow on a pole or trellis. All Pothos Plants are very efficient in cleaning the air of harmful chemicals.

Marble Queen Pothos grows well in bright, indirect sunlight, but will also tolerate low light conditions with slower growth. The variegation will be more pronounced in higher light though. Avoid direct sunlight as the sun will burn the foliage. Marble Queen Pothos is drought tolerant and does not require frequent watering.

Because of the hardiness and low maintenance, this makes Marble Queen Pothos an easy houseplant and a great choice for beginner gardeners.

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